Graphic Design, Custom Paintings & Custom Neon Signs

Red, turquoise blue, and warm white neon sign for the High Dive bar that says The High Dive St. Louis and shows a woman in a blue bathing suit and cap diving info a martini glass. High Dive is in red neon. The neon is glowing against a brick wall.

Neon Sign Design

I design eye-popping neon signs for your business or home. I have designed signs for places such as a diner, a bar, a mini-golf place, and to go in someone’s home. Custom neon signs make a great personal gift! I’ve won two international neon sign awards, including First Place/Best in Show twice for internally illuminated signs in the highly-respected Signs of the Times contest.

A colorful small painting of a family with two parents, two kids, and a dog. The family portrait painting is in a white frame.

Custom Paintings

I paint custom portraits of families and pets in watercolor and gouache paint that are perfect for framing. I also design custom greeting cards, often using hand-drawn lettering and illustrations.

Custom logo for a dog training company featuring a red, turquoise and lime green illustration of an Akita dog.

Logo & Graphic Design

I design logos that visually convey what your company or project is all about. I help to create your unique brand identity through the look and feel of all your materials such as logo, business cards, graphics, and websites.

My Work

  • Huge 21' Magic Mini Golf neon sign at dusk. Big red neon circus style letters on a curved yellow neon-outlined background with a woman in yellow neon putting mini golf. She is wearing a yellow dress, a light blue magician's hat, and a red cape.

Huge Neon Sign for Magic Mini Golf

  • Hand-painted illustrations of seven different women of all ages and colors laughing and bowling. They are wearing pink bowling shirts with the Lady Balls logo and have magenta, lime green, and yellow skirts or pants on.

Hand-Painted Lady Balls Bowling Illustrations

  • Painting in watercolor and gouache of Peter and Marisa at an amusement park. Peter is wearing a light blue jean vest and Marissa is wearing a coral red tank top with a yellow skirt. They both have fanny packs. There is a roller coaster in the background and some popcorn and hotdog stands.

Hand-painted portrait of Peter & Marissa at an Amusement Park

Design & Website Specialties

  • Custom neon sign design for your home or business
  • Logo for your business
  • Website
  • Branding and a consistent look across printed and online materials for your business
  • Unique outdoor sign for your shop or restaurant
  • T-shirt design
  • Bowling shirt design
  • Restaurant menus
  • Publications like newsletters, both email and print
  • Book design
  • Posters

Painting & Illustration Specialties

  • A simple, stylized family portrait that I hand-paint based on photos you have. A wonderful keepsake and gift. Optional framing
  • Hand-painted invitations and greeting card designs that feature my custom lettering and illustration. The original artwork can be used to print all your invitations
  • Custom holiday cards, wedding invitations, birthday cards and thank you cards
  • Custom art for your wall

About Me

Hope Edwards

A pencil drawing of a woman with blonde hair, a man with glasses, and two dogs, a husky and a bichon frise
Me with my husband and two dogs

I do all of the graphic design and web design for my family’s small businesses in St. Louis which include a bar, restaurant, diner, bowling alley, and indoor miniature golf place. I have a lot of experience designing logos, websites, posters, books, t-shirts, invitations, neon signs, restaurant menus, and email newsletters. One of my favorite projects has been designing the huge 21′ tall neon sign for Magic Mini Golf. It’s animated and features a man and woman playing putt-putt; the golf clubs and ball are in motion as are the big colorful letters.

I’ve won two international neon sign awards in the well-respected international Signs of the Times contest! I won First Place/Best in Show for internally illuminated signs for my Magic Mini Golf sign and First Place/Best in Show in the reader’s choice contest for my Peacock Diner sign.

In addition to designing signs for businesses, I also design neon signs for people’s homes, garages, and offices; a custom neon sign makes a great gift!

I design logos, websites, and print materials for many other clients including law firms, real estate companies, and small businesses.

I also enjoy painting and hand-lettering and sell my art and skills. I love to paint small family portraits in watercolor and gouache; people treasure the paintings because they’re one-of-a-kind and personalized. While it’s possible to find a digital print-out of a family portrait on Etsy, it’s not easy to find someone that can actually hand-make a real painting. That’s why people love to hire me for their family and pet portraits and lettering art. These paintings make great gifts and are true keepsakes, perfect for your wall or mantle.

I also create artwork for custom holiday cards and wedding invitations. I take my paintings and create a digital file that you can print out at home or use to get invitations or greeting cards made. Many of my existing designs for greeting cards are also available for digital download in case you want to browse for something I’ve already created.

I live in Cleveland OH with my husband and two funny dogs.

I’d love to discuss your project with you so please reach out!

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