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Logo Design

Peacock Loop Diner Neon Signs

  • Huge neon sign of a peacock with blue, green, and yellow feathers fanning out behind the slender curved neck. Peacock Loop Diner is in retro neon letters below.

A huge 11-ft wide animated neon sign that is poppy, colorful and evocative of classic 24-hour diner neon signs. The neon on the feathers blinks on and off in a sequence giving the effect of the peacock fanning its feathers out and back in.

I also designed ten smaller neon signs that tell people what the diner offers, such as hamburgers, milkshakes, skee ball, and hot dogs. The curved shape of these signs echos the curved shape of the big main sign.

St. Louis Walk of Fame Book

A coffee table book for the St. Louis Walk of Fame, a non-profit that honors famous St. Louisans with brass stars in the sidewalks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I wanted to make the design crisp, stylish, historic yet fresh and bright, and high prestige yet accessible.

Logo Design for Mambo Revolution Latin Dance Company

  • The logo of Mambo Revolution Latin Dance Company with Mambo Revolution in a loose red script. Above that is a stylized illustration of a man and woman dancing with the man spinning the woman. The red shapes are simplified and look like the shape of flames in a fire. There is a black background.

Mambo Revolution tours to perform salsa dance and teach salsa dance lessons. I wanted this logo to be hot, fiery, and full of nighttime Latin dance flavor. The custom illustration of a couple dancing with the man spinning the woman also looks like the flames of a fire.

Spry Dog Logo & Branding Identity

  • Custom logo for a dog training company featuring a red, turquoise and lime green illustration of an Akita dog.

I wanted this logo for a dog training company to be fun, colorful, and graphic to convey that the company is upscale yet welcoming.

Logo Design for Pleased to Meet You Dog Training

A logo with a blue, turquoise and yellow dog play-bowing and Pleased to Meet You! in a 1950s retro script in blue, and dog training below in all caps with yellow retro lines on either side.

This fun logo shows a friendly dog in a play-bow position, inviting us to play. I wanted it to be happy, optimistic, relaxed, and upbeat to reflect the positive attitude of the trainers at Please to Meet You.

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