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Magic Mini Golf Neon Sign

  • Huge 21' Magic Mini Golf neon sign at dusk. Big red neon circus style letters on a curved yellow neon-outlined background with a woman in yellow neon putting mini golf. She is wearing a yellow dress, a light blue magician's hat, and a red cape.

This huge neon sign in St. Louis is a stunning 27 feet tall and we won First Place/Best in Show for Internally Illuminated Outside Design sign in the prestigious Signs of the Times Magazine juried contest. I wanted the colors to be wild and bright, like a carnival. Since the indoor mini golf place has a magician theme, I put the man and woman in dressy clothes and magician’s top hats with a red magician’s cape.

With animation and neon flashing on and off in sequence, it looks like the players are putting a golf ball and that it moves into the hole and disappears. The cape is also moving back and forth and the letters in MAGIC are flashing on in sequence. It lights up the street in the vibrant Delmar Loop arts and entertainment district.

The High Dive Bar Neon Sign & Logo

  • Red, turquoise blue, and warm white neon sign for the High Dive bar that says The High Dive St. Louis and shows a woman in a blue bathing suit and cap diving info a martini glass. High Dive is in red neon. The neon is glowing against a brick wall.

I wanted this neon sign for a dive bar in St. Louis to glow with an old-fashioned advertisement lettering style and a woman in a retro bathing cap and suit diving into a martini glass. From far away, you can tell that this is a bar. I also wanted to shout out the old beer neon signs that beer companies used to give bars to put on their walls.

Peacock Loop Diner Neon Signs

  • Huge neon sign of a peacock with blue, green, and yellow feathers fanning out behind the slender curved neck. Peacock Loop Diner is in retro neon letters below.

A huge 11-ft wide animated neon sign that is poppy, colorful and evocative of classic 24-hour diner neon signs. The neon on the feathers blinks on and off in a sequence giving the effect of the peacock fanning its feathers out and back in. I won First Place/Best in Show in Signs of the Times 2015 Reader’s Choice international sign awards for my design.

I also designed ten smaller neon signs that tell people what the diner offers, such as hamburgers, milkshakes, skee ball, and hot dogs. The curved shape of these signs echos the curved shape of the big main sign.

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