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Magic Mini Golf Neon Sign

  • A neon sign with red Western-style letters that read MAGIC on a fanning yellow background and white letters on a green banner that read "Mini Golf". There is a woman with red hair wearing a yellow dress, blue top hat, and red cape. She is putting a neon golf ball into a hole with a putting club. She's playing miniature golf. It is very bright and colorful.

This huge neon sign in St. Louis is a stunning 21 feet tall. I wanted the colors to be wild and bright, like a carnival. Since the indoor mini golf place has a magician theme, I put the man and woman in dressy clothes and magician’s top hats with a red magician’s cape. With animation and neon flashing on and off in sequence, it looks like the players are putting a golf ball and that it moves into the hole and disappears. The cape is also moving back and forth and the letters in MAGIC are flashing on in sequence. It lights up the street in the vibrant Delmar Loop arts and entertainment district.

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