Magic Mini Golf Neon Sign

  • Huge 21' Magic Mini Golf neon sign at dusk. Big red neon circus style letters on a curved yellow neon-outlined background with a woman in yellow neon putting mini golf. She is wearing a yellow dress, a light blue magician's hat, and a red cape.

This huge neon sign in St. Louis is a stunning 27 feet tall and we won First Place/Best in Show for Internally Illuminated Outside Design sign in the prestigious Signs of the Times Magazine juried contest. I wanted the colors to be wild and bright, like a carnival. Since the indoor mini golf place has a magician theme, I put the man and woman in dressy clothes and magician’s top hats with a red magician’s cape.

With animation and neon flashing on and off in sequence, it looks like the players are putting a golf ball and that it moves into the hole and disappears. The cape is also moving back and forth and the letters in MAGIC are flashing on in sequence. It lights up the street in the vibrant Delmar Loop arts and entertainment district.

The Colonial Georgetown Logo

  • A charcoal gray logo on charcoal on a white background featuring a line drawing of a Colonial-style historic building with three doors and many windows. In elegant serif type it says "The Colonial Georgetown".

I designed this logo for a luxury, elegant condo development in the historic, upscale neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, DC. The illustration of the building is based on the actual building with its detailed doors with pediments, many old-fashioned windows, and wrought iron fence. I used a classic, august lettering style that reflected the high end, historic nature of the condominium.

The High Dive Bar Neon Sign & Logo

  • Red, turquoise blue, and warm white neon sign for the High Dive bar that says The High Dive St. Louis and shows a woman in a blue bathing suit and cap diving info a martini glass. High Dive is in red neon. The neon is glowing against a brick wall.

I wanted this neon sign for a dive bar in St. Louis to glow with an old-fashioned advertisement lettering style and a woman in a retro bathing cap and suit diving into a martini glass. From far away, you can tell that this is a bar. I also wanted to shout out the old beer neon signs that beer companies used to give bars to put on their walls.

Peacock Loop Diner Neon Signs

  • Huge neon sign of a peacock with blue, green, and yellow feathers fanning out behind the slender curved neck. Peacock Loop Diner is in retro neon letters below.

A huge 11-ft wide animated neon sign that is poppy, colorful and evocative of classic 24-hour diner neon signs. The neon on the feathers blinks on and off in a sequence giving the effect of the peacock fanning its feathers out and back in. I won First Place/Best in Show in Signs of the Times 2015 Reader’s Choice international sign awards for my design.

I also designed ten smaller neon signs that tell people what the diner offers, such as hamburgers, milkshakes, skee ball, and hot dogs. The curved shape of these signs echos the curved shape of the big main sign.

Spry Dog Logo & Branding Identity

  • Custom logo for a dog training company featuring a red, turquoise and lime green illustration of an Akita dog.

I wanted this logo for a dog training company to be fun, colorful, and graphic to convey that the company is upscale yet welcoming.

Illustrations for the Lady Balls Women’s Bowling & Social Club

  • Hand-painted illustrations of seven different women of all ages and colors laughing and bowling. They are wearing pink bowling shirts with the Lady Balls logo and have magenta, lime green, and yellow skirts or pants on.

These custom-painted illustrations of a diverse group of women bowling and having fun give people a glimpse into what evenings with the Lady Balls are like. The printed newsletter spread on a pink background presents a significant amount of useful information about the club in an easy-to-digest format.

Logo for the Society of Those Operating on Inherited Colorectal Cancer

Blue logo featuring acronym STOIC for Society of Those Operating on Inherited Colorectal Cancer. The "I" is a surgical knife with a yellow DNA double helix wrapped around it

I made the letter “I” of the acronym into a surgical knife. I wrapped a DNA double helix around it to show that the surgery this group performs is on cancer inherited via genes and DNA. I chose an august, classical serif for the letters to reflect the respect this medical field commands. I wanted to convey a sense of capability, tradition, and strength. The yellow double helix contrasts maximally with the blue letters since yellow and blue are opposite colors on the color wheel.

Hand-Painted Thank You Card

  • Hand-painted 3D block letters that say "Thank You" with green shaded sides and a bubblegum pink background

I wanted the block-style letters to be a shout out to old-style signs and advertisements with 3 dimensional “shadow type.” I was going for a playful and heartfelt vibe.

I sell this as a digital download file as well, so you can download the greeting card file onto your computer and print it out on your home printer and fold it into a card. I include all the crop marks and edges where you’d cut to turn it into a nice 7″ x 5″ greeting card.

St. Louis Walk of Fame Book

A coffee table book for the St. Louis Walk of Fame, a non-profit that honors famous St. Louisans with brass stars in the sidewalks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I wanted to make the design crisp, stylish, historic yet fresh and bright, and high prestige yet accessible.

A Fun Couples Portrait of Peter & Marissa at an Amusement Park

  • Painting in watercolor and gouache of Peter and Marisa at an amusement park. Peter is wearing a light blue jean vest and Marissa is wearing a coral red tank top with a yellow skirt. They both have fanny packs. There is a roller coaster in the background and some popcorn and hotdog stands.

I was going for a fun, carnivalesque vibe! This is the kind of custom family portrait painting I can do for you and your family or friends. I can recreate this amusement park scene for you or do something new. These keepsakes make great gifts and look great framed on your wall or table. A lot of people like to include their pets or have a portrait of just their pets.

Logo Design for Mambo Revolution Latin Dance Company

  • The logo of Mambo Revolution Latin Dance Company with Mambo Revolution in a loose red script. Above that is a stylized illustration of a man and woman dancing with the man spinning the woman. The red shapes are simplified and look like the shape of flames in a fire. There is a black background.

Mambo Revolution tours to perform salsa dance and teach salsa dance lessons. I wanted this logo to be hot, fiery, and full of nighttime Latin dance flavor. The custom illustration of a couple dancing with the man spinning the woman also looks like the flames of a fire.

Holiday Card with Geometric Tree & Lights

Image of a Christmas tree made out of three green geometric triangles stacked on top of each other for the leaves and tree shape. The trunk is a brown rectangle and a yellow star crowns the tree. There are red, blue and yellow holiday lights in circle shapes adorning the tree. Everything has a construction paper texture and it looks like it's made out of paper.

I wanted this custom greeting card to have a holiday tree made out of geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles and stars but also have the warm texture of construction paper.

Nostalgic Holiday Card

A lime green greeting card with a nostalgic painting of a cottage in the snow with some decorative green evergreen trees. "Happy Holidays" is in red painted letters.

A hand-lettered, hand-painted holiday card showing a cozy winter scene in the snow. I wanted it to be cozy, slightly folksy, warm, and inviting.

Logo Design for Pleased to Meet You Dog Training

A logo with a blue, turquoise and yellow dog play-bowing and Pleased to Meet You! in a 1950s retro script in blue, and dog training below in all caps with yellow retro lines on either side.

This fun logo shows a friendly dog in a play-bow position, inviting us to play. I wanted it to be happy, optimistic, relaxed, and upbeat to reflect the positive attitude of the trainers at Please to Meet You.

The Hellavilla Family

  • A colorful small painting of a family with two parents, two kids, and a dog. The family portrait painting is in a white frame.

This kind of family portrait is popular on Etsy, but the sellers on Etsy create everything digitally and then either give you only a digital file or print out from their computer printer. It is rare to find someone that can actually paint your portrait on real paper with actual paint. But when you do, you have a real one-of-a-kind piece of art on your wall that was hand-made! 

I can make a painting of you and your family like this one with watercolor and gouache paint on watercolor paper. There are several size options including 10″ x 8″ or 7″ x 5″, which will fit in standard frames. I can do any custom size as well. You can also opt for a white frame from me so it’s all ready to go.

Mother’s Day Card with Victorian Lettering

  • Hand-lettered Mother's Day card which reads, "To the best Mother in the World" in Victorian lettering. "Best Mother" is in blue and the other words and decorative flower elements are in a peach color.

I included swashes and decorative curls, corner designs, and flowers to evoke vintage greeting cards. I sell this as a digital download file as well, so you can download the greeting card file onto your computer and print it out on your home printer and fold it into a card. I include all the crop marks and edges where you’d cut to turn it into a nice 7″ x 5″ greeting card.

Typeface Classification Flash Cards

  • The cover of a flashcard set called The 12 Categories of Typeface Classification. There are red flowers on one side.

These flashcards feature the different classifications of typefaces and fonts. They discuss their history, attributes, and uses and give examples.

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